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MMBA Clothing

Master Mariners T-Shirts & Clothing

Each year one of our member vessels is secretly chosen to be the “cover girl” of our world-famous annual T-Shirts (see slideshow below) which are unveiled at our Sponsors/Skippers Luncheon a week before the Annual Regatta.  Along with the T-shirts we have a varying selection of hats, sweatshirts, polos, sweaters, women’s Tees, etc. These items are available for sale in person at our three main events:  The Sponsors/Skippers Luncheon, the post regatta party at Encinal Yacht Club, and the Wooden Boat Show at the Corinthian Yacht Club.  We have an inventory of previous years’ clothing for sale also.


Beginning in 2015, local maritime artist Jim DeWitt, www.jimdewitt.com ,

has made the artwork for our annual T-shirt.

The 2016 vessel (to left) is the Farallone Clipper CREDIT,

and the 2015 vessel (to left) is SUNDA:



Our good friend Caleb Whitbeck created the artwork for our shirts from 1988 until his passing in 2014.  Caleb was a well known maritime artist, with several of his paintings on display at the St. Francis YC.  You can see more of his artwork on his website, www.calebwhitbeck.com.  We also appreciate all the help Caleb’s daughter Barbi gave MMBA for many years.

The T-Shirts in our current inventory can be purchased at the events listed above, or soon will be available for purchase through our new MMBA Store at this link:  MMBA Store

MMBA-Blazer-patchThe MMBA Officers have come up with a nifty item.  The Blazer item shown to the left is availableMasterMariners(Pennant),CA-MAST01 and we are taking orders.  It comes either as a magnet or with pins.  The magnet version requires a holder that slips into the Blazer pocket.  A MMBA Burgee is also being ordered as shown on to the right.  Both items will cost $25.00 each.  If you would like to order either or both, please place your order specifying which type and quantity you would like by sending an email to:

Bill Belmont, bearasc@earthlink.net


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