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MMBA Member Message Board

Member Message Board

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Members can email  brief public comments / notices to be posted on this page below, send to “mastermariners (at) yahoo.com“.  To avoid SPAM postings, they will be reviewed before they are posted.  We also have a very active Facebook page, link below, which you can post to.

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Please Note:  The first MMBA forum on Yahoo was deleted by a former Commodore, and the Admin of the more recent one moved away in 2014, and no members had used it in the past four years so it has been deleted as only spammers were trying to access it.  If a member wants to create a MMBA member user only forum that is protected, please send me the web link and I will share it here.

DISCLAIMER NOTICE:  This website and message board is here for MMBA Members’ use and pleasure, and is not to be used for commercial purposes. This website provides a resource to members.  Our list of members is not available for sale under any circumstance, and members are asked to respect the privacy rights of the rest of the group.  If a member wishes to post his/her own personal contact information on the message board he is welcome to, just be aware that it is then out there in cyberspace for all to see.  The articles posted here are not intended to replace the advice and services of professionals.  Any information shared is the opinion of its author and open to discussion.  Material, text and photographs alike, contained within these pages belong to the members who produced them and are not to be used elsewhere without their permission, the authors, and/or the photographers.  Please contact MMBA via email for any permission requests, mastermariners (at) yahoo.com.

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